Join us on our September retreat in Bali for 7 days of Yoga and Meditation . 


The Iconic Longline Jacket, Effortlessly Cool - Bali wardrobe essential...almost always sold out -get this one quick!
created with love for the BALI COLLECTION - we love the style and vibe that each area of the Island delivers!

You'll LOVE

  • the vintage denim styling and details
  • the casual cool feels of the longer length - made to be worn open and free
  • the ultra soft fabric -which just gets softer as you wear it
  • the signature YinSide colours -which go with all of your Bali outfits & bikinis

perfect for a scooter ride, a stroll along the beach at sunset or to throw on after your yoga class!
The Ultra Earth Friendly 'Ramie' fabric is superlight, breathable, anti microbial and made from Grass Fibres here in Indonesia; handmade with love in Bali -and machine washable!
Fit: One Size -the long length and casual oversized styling ensures a comfortable and effortless drape for sizes XS-M/UK6-12/US4-8

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