Join us on our September retreat in Bali for 7 days of Yoga and Meditation . 


Literally the perfect support for your yoga practice, simply finished with our Sustainable Stamp Logo and YinSide logo on the reverse.

You’ll love

  • the reassuring structure and weight not found in foam blocks
  • the all natural, easy to grip feel of the cork material
  • the minimal eco aesthetic to add to your yoga collection

Cork is a renewable, sustainable, all natural product which we LOVE for our blocks and mats

Size l23 x w15 x h8 cm

YinSide Eco Tip *clean the cork with a soft cloth and a spritz of water doused with a few drops of Essential Oil -also stops the cork from drying out

*please note this product is currently ONLY AVAILABLE FOR INDONESIA SHIPPING - you can contact us directly to enquire for shipping rates to your location  

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