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Gently weighted Eye Pillows - Signature soft, Fragrance Free and full of Nature.  Handmade with love in Bali

This dreamy, softly weighted Eye Pillow is the perfect way to gently release and relax your face -blissful smile included!

Features a removable cover produced with Ramie -a sustainably produced material from grass in Indonesia.  The interior cotton casing is filled with organic flax seeds.

You'll LOVE

  • the 'linen like' fabric in our soft signature colours
  • the delicate weight of the pillow which gently releases pressure points around the eyes, cheeks and forehead
  • the antibacterial, antimicrobial fabrics and fillings, designed to be kind to your skin -and your deep inhales
  • to add your favourite Essential Oils or Fresh/Dried leaves and flowers for added bliss
  • to slide this out for Savasana at your favourite yoga class
  • to add to your meditation, pranayama, massage, energy treatment...

Our Earth Friendly Yoga Accessories are designed for your home practice, by yoga professionals here at YinSide; we know great yoga props, and we know you'll love them too!

Care: Outer casing is a delicate fibre so light hand washing is recommended.  Air Dry and cool iron setting is advisable. -do not tumble dry

*Flax seeds should be kept dry and at room temperature

Size 10cm x 22cm

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