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THE RIDE MULTIWAY BAG | crossbody belt bag

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The Ultimate Bali Accessory -the only bag you will ever need, to conquer the Bali Roads (and off-roads) with confidence and  effortless style...

You'll LOVE

  • the multiway -wear it YOUR way options

  • the softest leather in the softest Bali hues

  • the hidden zip cash & card pocket

  • the quality brass hardware and fixings

  • the signature double strap design -keeping your valuables close and secure on your Bali adventures

Transparency: The Leather we use to produce these beautiful bags is sustainably sourced from designer offcuts we ask local manufacturers to keep for us -note some colours will not always be available due to this process.

The Story: our founder and designer Hayley created this unique double strap design, after a bag snatch in 2017.  The function and style of this double strap design is to keep your valuables close - and to discourage opportunist theft -while off course adding the Signature Bali Island Style you love.

Note *the safest way to carry your valuables in on a scooter -is always under the seat. 

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